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Making not-for-profit and independent media available to the widest possible audience
Today, many of the best TV programmes are broadcast in the wee small hours. Some outstanding films don't make it onto TV at all! You need miss out no longer. At CultureShop.org you can buy the best independent media at a sensible price.
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Our video catalogue is regularly updated with the latest independent media. Payment is via Credit Card, UK Bank's Cheque, Postal Order or International Money Order (you must add �5 for the International Money Orders).
Featured Films:
Enraged, Israelis Resist IDFs Palestine Occupation, Film/Video, i-Contact
Not In My Name III - Why War? The Invasion of Iraq, Film/Video, Platform Films
Undercurrents News Network 1, Film/Video, Undercurrents
Proud Arabs and Texan Oilmen (Gulf War Analysis), Film/Video, Platform Films
Cause Of Ireland, The: Troubles, 60's & 70's, Film/Video, Platform Films
Zapatista!, Film/Video, Big Noise Films
Battle of Trafalgar - The UK Poll Tax Riot, Film/Video, Spectacle
Drowned Out - Narmada Dam Story, India, Film/Video, Spanner Films
Rattle in Seattle, Capitals Ill, Crowd Bites Wolf, Film/Video, Guerillavision
Coconut Revolution, The (Bougainville story), Film/Video, Stampede
Nonviolence for a Change, Film/Video, Just Us Productions
Suits & Savages: GEF/World Bank & 'Development', Film/Video, Conscious Cinema
Recently Added to Catalogue:
7/7 Investigative Documentary Compilation - take 3, Film/Video, i-Contact
SchMOVIES DVD - 2005, Film/Video, Schnews
V For Video Activist, Film/Video, Schnews
Enraged, Israelis Resist IDFs Palestine Occupation, Film/Video, i-Contact
911 Synthetic Terror, Made in USA, Book, i-Contact
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Book, i-Contact
Mind The Gap: The 7/7 London Bombings, Film/Video, 9/11 Truth Bristol
Hole In The Wall: Palestine under occupation, Film/Video, i-Contact
MAMA/M.A.M.A. - Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Film/Video, Pissant Productions
Empire in the Andes - the war against the poor, Film/Video, Barricade Films
Outsiders: The Peace Convoy, Film/Video, Martin Parry
Very British Coup, A, Film/Video, Skreba Films
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7/7 Investigative Documentary Compilation - take 3 (Film/Video, i-Contact, January 2009)
Despite repeated calls from the families of victims and survivors there has still been no enquiry into the London Bombings of July 7th 2005. The tragic events of that day have therefore been shrouded in doubt and confusion. With the absence of inquests the rule of law appears to have been suspended for this bomb attack which killed just over 50 innocent Londoners. CultureShop.org presents a DVD containing six investigative documentaries, by different producers, into the events of that day. Version 3 has been reissued as a 2 DVD set. (from 8.00)
SchMOVIES DVD - 2005 (Film/Video, Schnews, January 2008)
SchNews is a collective of direct action and media activists from Brighton in Sussex. They tour the UK and even Europe sometimes with their own brand of alternative news. A pick of their best SchMOVIES from 2005 including the smash EDO with Mark Thomas. These are high resolution screening copies of some of the best SchMOVIES of 2005. (from 4.00)
V For Video Activist (Film/Video, Schnews, January 2008)
SchMOVIES DVD Collection 2006 - A pick of SchMOVIES covering various actions from 2006. This film is an inspiration for everyone to use their camcorders to protect Civil Liberties. Annual SchNews videos compilation for 2006. Yet again SchNews pull together, in their characteristic punchy format, the news you never saw on the news at the time. (from 4.00)
Enraged, Israelis Resist IDFs Palestine Occupation (Film/Video, i-Contact, January 2007)
"Enraged" follows a group of Jewish-Israeli activists who refuse to sit back while the IDF illegal occupation of Palestinian land continues. They bring food into Palestinian villages under curfew, tear down parts of the wall. Euphemistically known as the separation barrier, and serve as human shields for Palestinian demonstrators. (from 5.00)
911 Synthetic Terror, Made in USA (Book, i-Contact, April 2007)
Author Webster Tarpley is a career expert on covert operations with the background to nail down the monster 9/11 plot (already in 1978 he had exposed the "Red Brigades" as stooges of the secret right-wing P2 lodge.) He has wowed audiences at conferences and on radio with his model of an anti-constitutional Fifth Column of moles, patsies, paramilitary pros and corrupt corporate media: our ruling "rogue network." (from 12.00)
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (Book, i-Contact, May 1998)
Author Webster Tarpley has written a 700-page, groundbreaking, blockbuster classic study of America's narco-mafiocracy. Read how the Bushes got rich building up Hitler's Nazi war machine ~ Iran-Contra ~ The Reagan shooting ~ Luring Iraq to attack Kuwait ~ The secret government ~ Kissinger, Mao, and genocide in the "Third World" ~ The Skull and Bones Club ~ and much more... (from 10.00)
Mind The Gap: The 7/7 London Bombings (Film/Video, 9/11 Truth Bristol, July 2006)
Why has there been no public investigation into the London explosions of 7th July 2005? This investigative documentary uncovers evidence that points to a high-level cover-up & asks why the media are reporting the four suspects as 'suicide bombers' when there is little or no evidence in the public domain that they were. Narrated by ex-MI5 officer David Shayler, this 40 minute film cuts through leaks and spin to explain why the official government story of the four lone suicide bombers just does not add up. (includes Loose Change II) (from 2.00)
Hole In The Wall: Palestine under occupation (Film/Video, i-Contact, May 2006)
This series of eighteen documentary films on one DVD were shot in and around occupied Palestine. They demonstrate what everyday life is like for Palestinians under military occupation. Scenes shift from checkpoints to schoolyards to heartbreaking stories about how impossible ordinary life has become. (from 7.00)
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