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7/7 Investigative Documentary Compilation - take 3
(Film/Video, i-Contact, January 2009)
Despite repeated calls from the families of victims and survivors there has still been no enquiry into the London Bombings of July 7th 2005. The tragic events of that day have therefore been shrouded in doubt and confusion. With the absence of inquests the rule of law appears to have been suspended for this bomb attack which killed just over 50 innocent Londoners. CultureShop.org presents a DVD containing six investigative documentaries, by different producers, into the events of that day. Version 3 has been reissued as a 2 DVD set. (from 8.00)

Many facts about the London Bombings of July 7th 2005 remain unknown to the British public, opinion formers and the Political Classes. The fact that there were terror training exercises going on that day by Visor Consultants at the same three tube stations where the bombs went off. The fact that a warning was telephoned from Scotland Yard to the Israeli Embassy 8 minutes before the first bomb exploded. And the fact that MI5 and MI6, the British intelligence services, had been following and phone-tapping several of the alleged bombers in the days and months running up to the attack.
There is also the wider question of how such an attack could be expected to benefit the Muslim cause. Was the presence of a security company with close links to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) operating in the London Underground for 10 months running up to the attack in any way responsible for what was a massive security failure?

1. Montreal - The Next Terror Target - 1hour (2008).
A documentary presented by Michael Pengue from Montreal. A broad investigative documentary which asks why senior figures running the Montreal Transit system dont appear to know they have signed security contracts with Isreali firm Verint. It asks Who was in charge of security on the London Underground during the 7/7 attacks?. The film then takes a close look at the ultra-secret world of the Isreali government subsidised Comverse group of companies, which include AmDocs, Comverse Infosys and Verint Systems. These companies sell wiretapping, telephone interception, billing, mobile phone and cellphone voicemail software and have very close ties to Isreali, British and US intelligence services.
Producers: www.mtl911truth.org

2. Ludicrous Diversion - 28mins (2006). Film apparently made by professional documentary makers - in their spare time. Punchy and hard-hitting script - examines some of the central anomalies in the official government account of events or Narrative which was released in 2006.
Producers: anonymous - ludicrousdiversion@hotmail.com

3. 7/7 The Ripple Effect - 57mins (2007). Seems to have been made by Muslim film collective somewhere in the North of England. Exposes a mock terror TV programme which the BBC produced before the London Bombings and documents some striking similarities with the bombings themselves. Also looks at news stories which talk of a shooting at Canary Wharf on 7/7.
Producer: Muad-Dib - http://jforjustice.co.uk/77/

4. Mind The Gap - 41mins (2006). Bristol filmmaker Adrian Connock teamed up with the former MI5 Counter-Intelligence officer David Shayler to make this broad analysis of the 7/7 attacks. Shayler has since flipped out, believing hes the messiah, but that shouldnt detract from some of the disturbing facts exposed in this look at 7/7 and the entire context of the destruction of Civil Liberties brought about by the War on Terror.
Producer: Adrian Connock - http://www.officialconfusion.com

5. BT London Bombings, version 4.1 - 31mins (2005). Remarkable early internet on screen commentary film which came out only weeks after the attacks and was frequently updated. Looks through a long series of diverse evidence that the later, more polished documentaries do not and which has apparently been entirely missed by Scotland Yard.
Producer: anonymous

6. The Homefront - 81mins (2007).
Documentary charting the impact of the 7 July London terror attacks on the family of one of the victims. The film was directed by a cousin of Anthony Fatayi-Williams, one of the 13 people blown up on the No 30 bus in Tavistock Square. Thomas Ikimi, 28, said he hoped The Homefront will help pressure the Government into holding a public inquiry into the 2005 bombings, in which 52 innocent people died.
Producer: Thomas Ikimi

7. The Peter Power Terror Drill Inquest - 60mins (2008).
Presentation by Daniel Obachike, writer of the book The Fourth Bomb who claims to have been on the bus bomb on July 7th 2005.
Daniel makes many intewresting claims as an eyewitness to the terrorist bomb attack on his bus such as the alleged bomber not being on the bus, another suspicious individual that he believes planted the bomb and medics waiting for him as he sprang from the bus immediately after the bomb exploded.

Running time 1 Hour 55 Minutes