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Rattle in Seattle, Capitals Ill, Crowd Bites Wolf
(Film/Video, Guerillavision, December 2001)
Since Seattle Guerillavision have been documenting the campaigns against globalisation from behind the barricades. These are stylistic hard hitting films (Big Rattle in Seattle, Capitals Ill and Crowd Bites wolf) which pull no punches. But be careful, watching all three together will have you reaching for a rock and heading for the nearest symbol of capitalist oppression. (from £6.00)

On one side of the planet jetliners fell skyscrapers, on the other cruse missiles level villages. Bush and the boy Blair embark on the last crusade and the world dutifully subjugates itself to US supremacy ‚€“ you know this ant intended as a temporary state of affairs. Capitalism is in hyper-drive, the final buyout has begun. The would is instructed to choose between one murdering billionaire (Bush) and another (Bin Laden). But, there are those who choose another way, people who will not show fealty to any master, be it enshrined in a bank vault, in the scriptures or on Pennsylvania Avenue. They are wise to the masterplan. And as power brokers and stockers vie for superiority in the air and on the airwaves, they are ready to whip the not-so-magic carpet of control away. Whatever recognition, power is nothing. Without fear freedom may yet prevail.

23 minutes of incitement and inspiration from the November 30th uprising against the World Trade Organisation. An angry tide of descent finally draws a line in the sand. The time has come to overthrow the dictatorship of the economy and get on with building a society based on real freedom.

As capitalisms demise draws closer, 20,000 take to the streets of Washington DC to spanner the World Bank and International Monetary Fund‚€™s spring time carve up. The scaffold is build, the basket is ready. 20 minutes.

The bank and fund scuttle of tp Prague, but an international army of insurrection is waiting. Caught in the middle one man finds his anticipated fortnight on the piss shelved by a chance encounter. 23 minutes.

Running time 1 Hour 7 Minutes