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Cause Of Ireland, The: Troubles, 60's & 70's
(Film/Video, Platform Films, April 1983)
Many know of Michael Collins and the popularisation of the IRA in the early twentieth century. However the Irish 'troubles', in the 1960s-1970s, characterised by one-sided reporting, is still not well known outside Ireland itself. In conversation with ordinary people on both sides of Ulster's sectarian divide, this documentary fills in the gap. This is a must see if you want to understand Northern Ireland's recent past. (from 4.00)

The film takes its title from the writings of James Connoly who was executed by the british in 1916.

This film was first shown on channel 4 in 1983 but only with cuts demanded by the independent Broadcasting Authority.

It won a major Independent film award.

It allows the people of Northern Ireland to speak for themsleves, with many diverse opinions expressed form both catholics and protestants including rarely heard voices of protestant republicans.

Questions over the role of the British army aare raised, which are often ignored bt the British media.

Included is the infamous incident of Bloody Sunday, still pertinent today after more than thirty years.

Gerry Adams and other well known faces appear, as do some excellent music performances form Christy Moore, Moving Hearts and the People Of No Property.

Running time 1 Hour 44 Minutes