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Very British Coup, A
(Film/Video, Skreba Films, November 1988)
In this 1988 BAFTA award winning drama, ex steel worker Harry Perkins leads the Labour Party to a stunning election victory. His manifesto includes the removal of American bases, public control of finance and the dismantling of the newspaper monopolies. The Establishment is horrified. As MI5 conspires with the City and the press barons to bring him down, Harry Perkins finds himself caught up in a no-holds barred battle for control of the country. (from 8.00)

Harry Perkins (Ray McAnally) is a plainspoken charismatic former steelworker who against the odds is elected Prime Minister of England in what is a landslide Labour Party victory. Perkins is truly a man of the people. He walks to Sterling Street unescorted rather than have cover of a police motorcade and bulletproof limousine. He refuses to ride transportation systems in first class, and he has an old fashioned wit about him that scares the entrenched ruling class because with that he is able to gain momentum among the public. Perkins is a socialist who plans on closing all of the U.S. military bases in the U.K. as well as dismantling the nuclear arms, which he sees is an unnecessary build up that can only hinder the people and not help them. Since a nuclear war would be suicide for all, his point about whether or not they are necessary as a deterrent to invasion is correct. He would rather use the money to improve the economy for the people with more jobs and a better healthcare as well as education system.
This causes conspirators in Parliament and in the United States government to quietly find a way of toppling his regime. Things get even crazier when Perkins successfully lifts the country out of economic collapse through a loan from the Arab World insured by the Russians. In trying to find a manner of discrediting Perkins, they are all but unsuccessful and so they doctor false accusations in an attempt to destroy his credibility and force him to resign. Will Perkins succeed in his agenda?
DVD includes a recent audio interview with Author Chris Mullin.
The television version won three BAFTA awards and in the US, the Emmy for best television drama.

Running time 2 Hours 38 Minutes